Greetings and Salutations! Welcome to Custom Heraldic Designs where we offer personalized Medieval goodes designed with historic re-enactors in mind. Pray thee enter and have a look around.

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Image of a knight in full Regalia from a 14th century Illuminated manuscript - The Manese Codex.


Have your personal medieval heraldic device created in quality Vector graphics to use in your own computer programs.

For Re enactors and Genealogists we create quality personal Coat of Arms images from $25.00.             

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New personalised Coat of Arms packages include; Crests, Full crested Helms and Full achievment images designed for use with all your personal projects.

 We create a variety of custom Crest Packages starting at $45.00


We can turn your device into a banner worthy of display. Prices start at $100.00.

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NEW "Viking" Style Banner

Display your personal Coat of Arms in the heraldic tradition of a fine medieval banner/Gonfalon.

Heraldic pennon sets to decorate camps and events.  Starting at $30.00

We make decorative medieval pennocils & pennons to set the mood of your event in all 7 tincture-colors.

Large size Banners- 54" long based on Medieval "Standards".

We now offer Flags  inspired by the Viking "Raven Banner" of legend.


High Quality Buckram Frame Hennins and Hoods

 If you seek a hat for that Renaissance fair or other event we have a large selection, both in stock and custom styles.

NEW Hoods have been added to the Hats-Garb page.

Professional quality buckram frame Hennins and French style Hoods are now available!

We have hats & caps from all Midieval periods;Renaissance, Elizabethan, Tudor,Byzantine, Goththic, Burgundian,etc. Choose from many styles;Hennin, Fez, Pill box, Sugarloaf, Scholors Caps,Gable hoods, Phrygian caps,Berets, French hoods, Horned hats and more.......

Starting as low as $20.00

       Complete your garb with a reversible dagged hood in your choice of livery colors.      Natural linen hoods with capeletts were popular for the working class for several centuries, get yours now.

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NEW Mongolian and Fur hats


NEW Soft Masks based on images of Mummers from illuminated manuscripts.

Decorative accessories to make your life less mundane.

We also accept orders for custom garb.         New! Heraldic Surcoats

Our leatherette masks are based on the 14th century manuscript: the Wedding of Fauvel.

Show off your device in the heraldic tradition with accessories that incorporate your personal medieval Coat of Arms.

Custom Medieval Garb whether your personna is Byzantine,Gothic, Burgundian,Tudor, Elizabethan, Renaissance or some other time period, we can design something special for you.

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