Image of a knight in full Regalia from a 14th century Illuminated manuscript - The Manese Codex.

  Hail and Well met fair gentle, Welcome!

 Custom Heraldic Designs has been providing unique Medieval and Renaissance goodes inspired by historic examples since 2003. Great attention to detail, quality materials and professional construction techniques ensure that our products will serve your needs for years to come. All items are made as ordered, offering many options to customize your purchase whether it be; a fabric to match your garb, color combinations to reflect your house and livery, or unusual digital charge images. Custom inquiries are always welcomed.

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  Vector produced Coat of Arms images are available on the IMAGES page

 Have your unique device or historic family Coat of Arms created in a digital image file that can be used for printing projects or on the Web.

 A variety of Image Packages are available to suit your needs whether you seek a basic shield image or a more elaborate design with crested helms and motto scroll, we can accommodate your desires. Unusual or non Heraldic charges are no problem.




Custom digital Coat of Arms image demonstrating a Full Achievment with Crested Helm, Supporters, Motto Scroll and Mound.


  Medieval - Renaissance period Flags are available on the BANNERS  page.
Medieval Gonfalons made to your specifications in cotton or linen.  

 Historic Gonfalons are our specialty - made to your specifications in cotton or linen.    Have your family Coat of Arms or personal device made into a fine banner that you can be proud to display.

 Many options available to personalize your order and make it uniquely your own.



 If you're looking to decorate an event or enliven your encampment there are many colorful Pennant, Pennon and Pennocil styles based on period flag types to choose from. Made to order in the 7 tinctures of classic heraldry. Renaissance and Medieval Standards, Pennons and Pennocils made in your choice of color combinations.


 Fine Ladies period Headwear - available on the BUCKRAM HATS page
High quality Renaissance, Medieval, Gothic and Tudor period sturdy hats made to your specifications.  Professional quality hats to complete the ensemble of any Noble Lady. Long wearing buckram base headgear re-enforced with millinery wire, covered in the fine fabric of your choice.

 Many styles based on historic portraits to pick from; Gothic, Tudor, Renaissance and more. Custom style inquiries are welcomed.


 Soft hats for Ladies and Gentleman - available on the HATS-GARB page
 Unusual styles you won't find anywhere else spanning a wide range of Medieval periods; Byzantine, High Gothic, Tudor, Mongolian and more.

 Felt, Fabric and Fur trimmed hats travel well and offer a variety of custom options to suit your needs.

 Select size, color and fabric options when placing orders.

Renaissance and Medieval custom soft hats for men and women made to order.



 Masks and Heraldic Pillow covers - available on the ACCESSORIES page
Personalized Coat of Arms pillow covers and Renaissance - Medieval style masks are available at Custom Heraldic Designs.  Pillow covers emblazoned with your own personal device. Add a period flair to your home or encampment while displaying your Coat of Arms. Covers fit standard size pillow forms.

 Medieval Mummers inspired masks in many Heraldic animal styles. Perfectly suited to wear for the next masked ball or Morality play production.

 One size fits all.



 Custom Garb commissions are accepted see the CUSTOM GARB-GALLERY on the HATS-GARB page.
 Custom requests are welcomed for items not currently offered on the site. Prices vary dependant on labor, quality and availability of fabrics. Times are subject to current workload.

 Commissions are accepted for Surcotes emblazoned with personal devices. Constructed to your specifications with many style options; dagging, open or closed sides, sleeve types, etc.

Medieval, Renaissance, Gothic, Tudor and Elizabethan custom garb-clothing made to your specifications.




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